Apr 9, 2011

landscape painting by van gogh

as i made panel or ppt materials, in composing the color (coloring), i refered to paintings by gogh.
his use of color makes me and others feel good!

Orchard in Blossom with Two Figures Spring, 1882

Orchard in Blossom, Arles, 1888

Orchard in Blossom, Arles, 1888

Peach Tree in Bloom at Arles, 1888

Pear Tree in Blossom, 1888

Green Wheat Field, 1888

View of Arles with Irises in the Foreground , 1889

Olive Grove with Picking Figures ,1889

 Olive Trees with the Alpilles in the Background, 1889

Houses at Auvers, 1890

First Steps (after Millet), 1890

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