May 6, 2012

jaja architects: moon bridge

'moon bridge' by jaja architects, a proposal for the kaohsiung maritime and culture center
all images courtesy jaja architects

copenhagen-based jaja architects have sent us images of 'moon bridge', a proposal for
the kaohsiung maritime and culture center competition. the site, which is a part of kaosiung's
plan of creating a unified waterfront city, overlooks the 'love river', the area's urban spine that
hosts a number of activities ranging from markets to music events. the design proposes
a waterfront park that links the adjacent part developments over a u-shaped stretch.

model of 'moon bridge'

from the water

using the synergetic conditions found between the site and the river, the project places
a new venue for performance, the 'maritime culture and pop music center',
at the base of the bridge. accommodating a number of facilities such as an auditorium,
stage, lecture hall, and restaurants, the center extends itself from the street level and
across the river to become a scenic landmark in the form of a bridge. the structure also
provides moments of urban public use in and around itself: a promenade along the harbour
allows visitors to see the city from a different vantage point, an outdoor stage by the river
hosts impromptu shows, connections to the ferry terminal and harbor wharf are made,
and the bridge acts as a simple bridge as well, providing a panoramic view over the water.

the design aims to dissolve the boundary between building, urban space, and landscape.
by exploring and combing the conditions of the site and program, the resulting project
intends to serve as an urban incubator for culture, maritime history and public life.

rendering in context

fly-by rendering

climb of the bridge

under the 'moon bridge'

site plan

compiled plan

plan / level +5.0m

plan / level +10.0m

plan / level +15.0m

plan / level +20.0m

plan / level +25.0m

cross section

partial section

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