Aug 26, 2012

Ferry Terminal Puts a Modern Twist on a Maritime Past

The latest from Danish C. F. Møller Architects

Danish design masters C. F. Møller Architects have unveiled plans for a new ferry terminal in Stockholm and, in a clever salute to the task at hand, the place looks like a giant carrier ship.

The terminal will connect passengers to Finland and the Baltics, and it'll anchor a larger urban development scheme at Stockholm's main port. The design conceit is to put a modern twist on the region's maritime past (hence the bulky volumes and the industrial mesh facade). And, this being Stockholm -- nominated the second greenest city in Europe last year, after Copenhagen -- it also promises to be an environmental Valhalla.

The architects say it'll be "predominantly self-sufficient," with solar and wind power and landscaping on the roofs (which makes sense for all those long summer days, but no so much for the even longer Nordic winters).

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[Images courtesy of C. F. Møller Architects]

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