Aug 26, 2012

Public Gathering Center Design for School


Today, we will show you about unusual public gathering center that surely will grab your attention called Rollercoaster. Rollercoaster is public gathering center that was designed by China based architecture firm-Interval Architect. They have designed playful gathering center that strongly inspired with great rollercoaster architecture. This public space located in a serene environment of one of the best vocational schools in Beijing. The project aims at providing an iconic image to the institution as well as redefining the use of an existing public space on the central square of the campus. Here, we could see that the structure is very massive. The design presents a highly recognizable identity to the school as well as a fun image that was widely welcomed by the students.
The client (school) wanted to put on the square a themed sculpture with a monumental effect and scale. What the school really needs is not a monument in the center of the campus, but a humanistic and functional gathering space for students and an event space for school activities. Really humanistic and great architecture for public space! Love it

Public Gathering Center Design for School 2

Public Gathering Center Design for School 3

Public Gathering Center Design for School 4

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