Nov 18, 2012

Ocean Imagination / Unsangdong Architects



Recently, we shared Unsangdong Architects’ Life & Power Press Cultural Topography,
an interesting project that mixed programmatic elements with a crisp aesthetic.
The architects just shared their proposal for the Thematic Pavilion of Yeosu 2012,
entitled Ocean Imagination, which was awarded honorable mention (check out other proposals previously featured here).
The proposal is an eye-catching proposal combines nature and the imagination in an effort
 to create the “best use of the infinite possibility of nature.”
 More images and more about the competition entry after the break.

© Unsangdong Architects
The pavilion allows visitors to experience the ocean’s ecosystems and different exhibits related to “man-made nature.” An ‘Ocean Gate’ takes the culture of the sea shore and shifts it vertically. This move creates a dynamic visual that is a constant reminder to the viewers of nature’s different environments.
“It combines ocean ecosystem and architecture in accordance with the main theme of ‘Ocean & Life,” added the architects.
Another part of the proposal, the ‘’Sustainable Ocean void space’, is formed by combining flowing water with the ecological environment.

© Unsangdong Architects
The form’s outer spaces are used as exhibition places and are outfitted with different events such as Water-Valley, Media-Valley, Play-Valley, Green-Valley and so on.

Section © Unsangdong Architects
The main exhibition, an ‘Organism of Scenery’, took inspiration from the Korean seasons – in spring, flowers bloom everywhere, in summer, the scenery contains dramatic waterfalls and thick forests, in fall, the leaves on the trees turn yellow and in winter, a blanket of snow lay on the ground.

Total area : 6200m2 Theme Exhibition Area : 2,000㎡ BPA Exhibition Area : 1,600㎡ Height : 100m

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