Dec 17, 2012

The Narrow House by Bassam El-Okeily, Bilzen, Belgium


Bassam El Okeily designed this very interesting house in a small city called Bilzen in Belgium. Bassam El Okeily designed this house for a couple passioned by history and art.

The house has a closed ground floor exterior (entrance & garage) topped by a total transparency in glass. The display window reveals two balconies in skewed positions projection from a white façade.
The lower balcony contains a reading corner for a library belonging to the gentleman of the house, while providing him with a sheltered view of the street. The upper balcony accommodates an artist’s studio, the private domain of his wife. Blue light turn the façade into a spectacular light sculpture after dark.

Architecture become a pretext to chair something else than the sidewalk. A house is a space to live; it could also be a place to remain.

what‘s a house? A space to live, to project our happiness between four walls, then to spread out our vanity outside these walls. Can there be space for something else? A space for our melancholy, our scars, Then the luggage of our memories. It is a narrow house which leaves with its threshold, our thousand and one smooth and invented lives. It is a narrow house which offers to a narrow street: the history of a man, a woman and their passions. History of a house imagined to live. But also to remain.
Special thanks to Bassam El Okeily for sharing!
Photography by Tim Van de Velde

Client: Mr Menten & Mss Bienkens
Bassam El Okeily
Architect Collaborator :
Karla Menten
Ingineer Ten Half

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