May 3, 2013

geometric gauze installaions

The Loom-Hyperbolic by Barkow Leibinger Architects is a complex geometric art installation located on the ruins of the Koutoubia mosque in Marrakech, Morocco. Designed by the Berlin-based architecture firm, this gauze-resembling sculptural piece is created with a cultural inspiration in mind.

Made using local crafts and materials, this art piece was inspired by traditional Moroccan loom weaving using woven yearn to create interactive and dynamic architectural elements. With pinewood as support, these geometric volumes are striking and structurally sound.

Projecting delicately sun-lit shadows onto its surrounding ruins throughout the day, the Loom-Hyperbolic by Barkow Leibinger Architects is a bold art piece that showcases cultural pride while exhibiting a strong relationship with its surrounding historical Moroccan site.

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