May 3, 2013

golden undulated galleries

The new Islamic Art Galleries at the Louvre Museum in Paris are a show of avant-garde architecture. 

Housing art and historical artifacts, this new gallery was designed by Mario Bellini Rudy Ricciotti. The Italian-French collaboration gave way for this tessellated golden facade. The roof boasts a wave-like look that anodized aluminium mesh made to look like a suspended golden veil. The structure was meant to be non-intrusive to the historic courtyard that houses the gallery. “It’s more like an enormous veil that undulates as if suspended in the wind," says Mario Bellini of the construction.

Though this piece is stunning in its modernistic approach, the question remains weather the Parisians will accept or condemn this futuristic structure. Perhaps the Islamic Art Galleries at the Louvre Museum will rival the controversial Pyramide du Louvre, I. M. Pei in French public opinion.

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